Looking at certain locations of an individual’s genome in determining ancestral ethnicity and genealogical relationships is what DNA ancestry test is all about. This process can be carried out through the help of DNA kit.

DNA Kit is used for finding out the dynasty of a person’s family. It can be ordered and delivered for DNA ancestry test process. Ancestry.com offers DNA kit available online for anyone interested in going through the DNA ancestry test. It’s very helpful when a person does not know both parents or either mother or father’s family side or even real nationality. And if an individual deserves to know, getting a DNA kit is usually advisable.

When the DNA kit arrives, you open the box and will find four pieces inside of it. The first thing I’d like you to notice on the DNA kit box is the instruction menu which is very simple and easy to understand. Taking a look at the very back, at the bottom of it you’ll find a fifteen digit alpha numeric code which corresponds to a code on the test tube and it’ll anonymously go through the lab processes of ancestry.com and it’ll connect your sample with an email address and a name.

So what you’d do is to go ahead and put your name on the very back, there’s a place for it on the middle, then you sample test, and put it as well on the very back, and also put the date you took the sample and the date you put it on the mail and save it for future reference in case something gets lost.

Flip the instruction booklet back over, ancestry divided your instructions into two different sections.

First is activate your kit online, next is gather your DNA. The first roll tells you how to activate your kit online. It’s really simple. The next two would tell you how to go about taking your samples. They are actually important, please you should take your time to read them because there are things that may happen if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. They might void your result. So go ahead and read them really carefully. As well make sure you are prepared when it’s time to collect your samples.

The next two items in your DNA kit box are basically stuffs that goes in a mail. The first one is the collection bag which is a shiny, plastic bag. When you collect your samples, you put it in the bag, then into a white box that comes with it. The box is white and smaller than the DNA kit box.

What’s good about this is, you don’t have to pay for the postage, cause you’ve already done that when you purchased your DNA kit. So your sample goes into the collection bag, and then into the little white box and goes straight into your mailbox to be sent back to ancestry.

The part of the mechanics of the sample collection, the final piece of the box, which you rip up the top, and inside there are two pieces, the first one which is the test tube, mind you, there’s a kit ID number on it, which is at the back of your instruction booklet, double check to make sure they both correlate. The tip is the funnel, where you’ll be spitting into when collecting your sample.

And finally, there’s a black light in the middle of the funnel, whichis the thin line you’ll be supplying a spit sample all the way up to where the light is. The spit sample should be about a quarter of a teaspoon. Rememberthat spit is often very bubbly, so you have to kind of wait till it gets to where the light is.

The next part, there is the cap, you can tell it has a liquid in there, they call it the stabilizer. You would remove the funnel, it pops right off, and then you wanna screw on the cap, screwing kind of burst the container the stabilizer is in, and then the stabilizer would enter under the tube, then shake them up for about five seconds or more, and then the stuffs would be ready to be mail by the post office.

So you would then take your test tube along with the cap on top, and you put it in your collection bag.

You’ve collected your sample, and it’s in the mail. All you have to do then is wait, ancestry would let you know what’s happening with your DNA kit. Then they’ll let you know in the first email they’ll send you that they’ve received your kit at their labs. Then they’ll let you know when labs processing for your DNA kit has begun. Usually, labs processing takes a little time. Finally, they’ll inform you when your results are ready.


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