Best DNA Test

You are ready to take a DNA ancestry test to perfectly understand your family’s past, but you are not so sure of which one to go for. You are not alone on this. For a reasonable cost, a whole lot of excellent ancestry tests for genealogy purposes are available now. But taking up the right


A long time now, genealogists have been focusing on spoken and paper records to track their family root. In the 21st century, the year 2000 precisely, genealogical DNA testing was brought to light. This paved the way for scientists and family history researchers with a chance to make use of very organized scientific methods ascertain

Best Ancestry DNA Test

For finding out about ancestry, companies who offer genetic testing services uses a lot of different testing methods. Analyzing DNA on the Y-chromosomes lineage based approaches are used, passing down and at most unchanged from fathers to sons, also, analyzed mitochondrial DNA which is passed down almost unchanged from mums to children. As this information

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